Getting to know Ground Zero Installations

This is the final product  of a double centered pivot door

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Ground Zero CMI  is among the leading installation companies for DIRTT an environmentally friendly company that builds  using only the finest materials, but wait it gets better.... Its 100% made out of recycled material! thats right you get what you want in a timely manner and you also get to help the environment all at the same time.

Look at you go superstar!!!  Now thats building efficient. 

we are also certified in MAARS  and have been hired by some of  the best companies out there.  If you need it installed , Ground Zero CMI is your go to Crew. 

Modular Walls Installation Magic

One of our Installation specialties are modular walls. Our team  comes highly recommended to install these high tech sustainable walls that are not only beautiful but you would not believe how awesome the process is. Utilizing these wall systems in hospitals and offices just to name a few.  When you have our expert team install these products it is done in a timely fashion with organization and cleanliness the entire build.  Our Team here at Ground Zero helps bring your business to life. 

Glass Installation

We also are very handy when it comes to handling those beautiful glass fronts you see in some of the most well known business headquarters such as Apple, Kimley Horn, and chipotle just to name a few.  One of the most popular glass systems is switch glass , this glass is perfect for privacy and meeting rooms. Clear when you like it and non- visible when you need it. 

Finishing from Ground Zero

Our Installation crew is there from the very start laying down track , wiring, and kickers down to the tiles,  to the final touches when it comes to furniture, TV wall installations and all the finishing products to get the job done.  Our team is highly trained and knowledgable when it comes to site dimensions and the finishing product. 


If you need a company to Install your product please do not hesitate to contact us at any point and somebody from our team will get back to you as soon as they can to answer any questions that you may have or to schedule a job. 

Ground Zero Commercial Modular Interiors

You have question? We have answers. Please do not hesitate to contact us or for job bookings please email